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Favorite Yankee

My Favorite Yankee

October 5, 2017 Mistie Smith 0 Comments

The Fall is a great time to embrace any change that comes your way. The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and the MLB playoffs are in full swing. Yep. Anything can happen.

Case and point…a roundabout traffic circle just opened as an interstate interchange near my house. Yeah I know right? My first thought when construction started was a flashback to the movie European Vacation; you know, when Chevy Chase aka Clark Griswold was stuck in the traffic circle in London. “There’s Big Ben kids! There’s Parliament.” There was no way this was going to work here. But the DOT went with it and it opened a few weeks ago. There were Facebook posts of drone footage of this thing all over the place. I guess they were meant to prepare any traveler near and far of the traffic flow change. This was a big deal but to me it looked scary and I was super dubious. I avoided it like the plague.

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